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Album Writeup On Fuckbook by Condo Fucks. Relating to Yo La Tengo’s official website, they wish their brand new album is supposed to be away in the autumn.

Album Writeup On Fuckbook by Condo Fucks. Relating to Yo La Tengo’s official website, they wish their brand new album is supposed to be away in the autumn.

Album Writeup On Fuckbook by Condo Fucks. Relating to Yo La Tengo’s official website, they wish their brand new album is supposed to be away in the autumn.


Condo Fucks

Launch Date: Mar 24, 2009 Record label: Matador Genre(s): Indie, Rock

78 Music Critic Score just how the Music Critic rating works

Fuckbook – great, centered on 8 experts

Although the youthful exuberance that carried their Condo Fucks City Rockers EP and high water mark Straight Outta Connecticut to modern-classic status throughout their mid-1990s heyday is currently noticeably muted, Fuckbook, the LP that is latest from New London, Conn., trio the Condo Fucks is however the veteran musical organization’s peak. Oh, exactly what the hell am we on about. Fuckbook is, despite outward appearances, the new record by Yo La Tengo.

There you choose to go, it’s formal: sweary band names are cool. Hot from the heels of Fucked Up and screw Buttons – each of whom made No Ripcord’s Top 50 records of 2008 list – come Condo Fucks. But inspite of the title, they’re perhaps not Satanic grindcore merchants or day-glo nu-rave upstarts from Leeds, they have been in reality the musical organization everyone knows as Yo Los Angeles Tengo.Back in 1997, Yo Los Angeles Tengo circulated i could Hear the center Beating as you which inside, showcased references to straight back catalogues of numerous fictional bands, supposedly on Matador.

As an idea, the genesis of brand new London, CT mock legends Condo Fucks seems clear to see. In other words, legit Hoboken legends Yo La Tengo had an urge to discharge an “easy” record but weren’t precisely dying to possess it judged against its typical high requirements (the band’s last covers record album, 2006’s Murdering the Classics, wasn’t so ironically titled). Either that, or perhaps the trio merely relishes the chance to part play, that isn’t so strange, actually.

Basically a threadbare pantomime horse yanked on the minds of Yo Los Angeles Tengo’s James McNew, Georgia Hubley and Ira Kaplan, Condo Fucks aren’t fooling anybody. Most Likely. The same, in the event of confusion, the promo copy of Fuckbook comes slapped with a sticker bearing the smirkingly faux-earnest statement that ‘This isn’t the brand new Yo Los Angeles Tengo album’.

Whenever I interviewed Christina Martinez of employer Hog and Pussy Galore back in January, we commented that Pussy Galore, along with her husband/bandmate Jon Spencer, had been accused into the 1980s of being “overeducated, privileged, smug postmodern, deconstructionist plagiarizers (approximately).” That ended up being a little harsh in hindsight, nonetheless https://hookupdate.net/escort/olathe/ it could just like effortlessly be stated of indie bands that are most today. Twenty-three years back, Pussy Galore circulated their many notorious recording, a complete address record of Exile on principal Street that butchered the Rolling Stones classic with blissful glee. This season, Ira Kaplan, Georgia Hubley and James McNew of Yo Los Angeles Tengo, a band of unquestionable integrity, have inked fundamentally the same task in their change egos, the Condo Fucks.

Among the seminal bands from the Connecticut punk scene, brand new London’s Condo Fucks could match some of their peers for sheer attitude that is sneering their classic (if hopelessly obscure) records Movin’ In, directly Outta Connecticut, as well as Squatters Only. But despite their fearsome reputation, the Condo Fucks faded out in place of burning call at the mid-’80s, however in 2008 the band accepted an invitation to stage a shock reunion show for the closing associated with the beloved new york location Magnetic Field. Following the popularity of the gig, the Condo Fucks made a welcome come back to the studio, but instead than re-record old favorites like “Fucking Gary Sandy,” “I Hate Nutmeg,” and “Hot Rails to Hartford” or find it difficult to write brand new songs that may match their energy, the Condos opted to pay for homage with their origins, cutting a collection of covers that could honor their impacts.

In 1997, within the liner notes to I am able to Hear the center Beating as One, Yo Los Angeles Tengo included a phony catalog of Matador releases. It appeared like a version of a game title that the majority of individuals perform, getting back together band that is fake record album names. Hot brand new releases into the catalog included G.I. Joe Extreme’s Declares War, The Shitheels’ Bucketfull of Shit, Elevator into the mind Hotel: A Tribute to Brian mind, together with original cast recording for the musical Heroin!.

then they request support with regards to their “friends,” Condo Fucks, and their hit first, Fuckbook, a collection that is disjointed of, lo-fi, and scrappily-composed covers. It does not simply take a careful ear to quickly understand that these buddies come in truth, Yo Los Angeles Tengo, in conventional, mischievous disguise.

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